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Sixty Stories

Barthelme, Donald. Sixty Stories. E P Dutton, 1995. Paperback.

A Night at the Movies

Coover, Robert. A Night at the Movies Or, You Must Remember This. Dalkey Archive Press, 1997. Paperback, 197 pgs.

Snow White

Barthelme, Donald. Snow White. Scribner, 1996. Paperback, 186 pgs.

Briar Rose

Coover, Robert. Briar Rose. Grove Press, 1998. Paperback, 96 pgs.

Baumbach, Jonathan. D-Tours: A Novel. Fc2/Black Ice Books, 1998. Paperback, 175 pgs.

Ghost Town

Coover, Robert. Ghost Town. Grove Press, 2000. Paperback, 160 pgs.

Seven Wives

Baumbach, Jonathan. Seven Wives. Fc2/Black Ice Books, 1994. Paperback.

Pinocchio in Venice

Coover, Robert. Pinocchio in Venice. Grove Press, 1997. Paperback, 336 pgs.

Looking Backward

Bellamy, Edward. Looking Backward. Signet Classics, 2000. Paperback, 222 pp.

Pricksongs & Descants: Fictions

Coover, Robert. Pricksongs & Descants: Fictions. Grove Press, 2000. Paperback, 256 pgs.

I Che Guevara: A Novel

Blackthorn, John. I Che Guevara: A Novel. William Morrow & Co, 2000. Hardcover, 352 pp.

Blow-Up: And Other Stories

Cortázar, Julio. Blow-Up: And Other Stories. Random House, 1985. Paperback, 277 pp.

A Personal Anthology

Borges, Jorge Luis. A Personal Anthology. Edited by Anthony Kerrigan. Grove, 1983. Paperback.

The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste

Eakins, Patricia. The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste: Father and Mother, First and Last. New York Univ Press, 1999. Hardcover, 256 pgs.

Collected Fictions

Borges, Jorge Luis. Collected Fictions. Translated by Andrew Hurley. Penguin, 1998. Paperback, 565 pp.

Boswell: A Modern Comedy

Elkin, Stanley. Boswell: A Modern Comedy. Dalkey Archive Press, 1999. Paperback, 372 pgs.

Borges, Jorge Luis. Historia universal de la infama. Lectorum Publications, 1983. Papaerback.

Criers & Kibitzers, Kibitzers & Criers

Elkin, Stanley. Criers & Kibitzers, Kibitzers & Criers. Dalkey Archive Press, 2000. Paperback, 272 pgs.

Boyd, Greg. Modern Love And Other Tall Tales. Valentine Publishing Group, 2000. Paperback, 112 pp.

Elkin, Stanley. The MacGuffin. Dalkey Archive Press, 1999. Paperback, 283 pgs.

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