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Reviews/Critique: FICTION

Issue #1
© Elizabeth Brunazzi, 2000.
Issue #2
"Mylar Work Glove #23," by Fred Gutzeit
Issue #3
  • Françoise Palleau-Papin
    Rails under My Back
    by Jeffery Renard Allen

  • Eric Darton
    Conversations in Sicily
    by Elio Vittorini,
    translated by Alane Salierno Mason
    (Part III, Radical Fiction Series)

  • *Xu Xi
    On Robert Abel and Hwee Hwee Tan

  • *Robert Abel
    Rolling the R's
    R. Zamorra Linmark

  • Lorraine Schein
    The Inner Life of Objects
    by Maxine Combs

  • *Gay Partington Terry
    "Albert Wendt: A Tall Teller of Tales"

  • *Jan Alexander
    One of the Guys
    by Robert Clark Young

  • *Beth Henson
    Aliens and Anorexia and I Love Dick
    by Chris Kraus

"Fa'anoanoa II," by Sia Figiel.


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