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This is the place to do it. Since we are a small magazine with no office staff, we are not in a position to store or keep track of large numbers of actual books submitted for review with press releases tucked inside. However, we want to know about worthy review possibilities. So we invite you to submit electronically, by filling out the form below. On our site bulletin board, under the heading "Some Books We'd Like to Have Reviewed," we will post notices partially based on these submissions. We will urge our writers to trawl there, although Frigate reviewers are free to choose their own subject.

"Some Books We'd Like to Have Reviewed" will also be read by site visitors who may elect to read a book on the strength of the submitter's brief comment. (We will not post links for books mentioned in this section.)

Our particular interest is in books from the smaller literary publishers.

We will send an acknowledgment that we have received your submission. If your book is not selected for posting, please feel free to resubmit with revised commentary.

Please submit this form to let us know more about each book you'd like to see reviewed.


Title of Book:

Twenty-five word summary of the book's interest to readers:

How this book contributes to its genre:

Best two blurbs, with attribution:

Publisher, with city and date:

No. of pages:

Price: $


Twenty-five word bio of author,if you think it would be useful:

Brief excerpt (about a hundred words) from the book:

Other interesting features of this book (please be brief):

Submitter's name:

Relation to author and publisher:

Submitter's e-mail address:


If you would like to review books, you're on the right page. We are delighted with your interest! (If you wish to submit a book for review, please go to Submit a book for review.) We are always on the look-out for knowledgeable writers, passionate about language, who are willing to shoulder the burden of arguing on behalf of new or undercelebrated literary art.

That's what criticism is, for us: not the enumeration of likes and dislikes, but the articulation of an aesthetic in connection with the work under discussion.

We would appreciate our prospective review writers' submitting the form below. It will begin to tell us what we need to know about you in order to make any assignment that seems appropriate. We will e-mail you if we would like to see samples of your writing. If you don't hear from us, you may assume that a suitable occasion for your afiliation with Frigate has not yet arisen. If you think we have forgotten you, please feel free to re-apply.

We are particularly interested in review suggestions:

— that embody a critical angle or propose an interesting contextual issue
— that couple lesser known writers with well-known writers
— that bring into critical focus the career of an undercelebrated writer.

Our "ideal reviewer" is a cross between Edith Hamilton and Michel Foucault.

Please do not send us original poetry, fiction or essay. We are not in a position to consider unsolicited submissions at this time.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Frigate.

Please submit this form to let us know more about yourself.


E-mail address:

Cateory of review you'd like to write:

Titles and genres of your own published books, if any:

Periodical publications, if any, in genre you wish to review:

Previous reviewing experience, if any:

Other relevant qualifications:

Title of book(s) you'd most like to talk about:

Most interesting question that arises for you with respect to this work or these works:


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