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César Vallejo
translated by Rebecca Seiferle

In Lima...In Lima, it's raining
foul water from a mortifying
sorrow. It's raining
through the leak of your love.

Don't pretend that you're sleeping,
remember your troubadour;
because now I understand...I'm grasping
the human equation of your love.

It thunders on the mystic dulcimer,
the gem stormy and treacherous,
the witchery of your "yes."

Moreover, it falls, the downpour
falls on the coffin of my path,
where I gnaw my bones for you...

From The Black Heralds by César Vallejo. Translation © Rebecca Seiferle, 2002.


En Lima....En Lima está lloviendo
el agua sucia de un dolor
qué mortífero. Está lloviendo
de la gotera de tu amor.

No te hagas la que está durmiendo,
recuerda de tu trovador;
que yo ya comprendo.... comprendo
la humana ecuación de tu amor.

Truena en la mística dulzaina
la gema tempestuosa y zaina,
la brujería de tu "sí."

Mas, cae, cae el aguacero
al ataúd de mi sendero,
donde me ahueso para ti.....

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