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The Company Pool

Michael Casey

ya want ta be in our pool?
I was gonna axk ya sooner but I didn't know
if ya wanted ta I'll show ya how it works
ya pay a dollar an a quarter ya givit ta me
but you'll haf ta start next week
the dollar goes inta the home run pool
and ya don't haf ta pay the quarter
unless if ya want ta
we use the Record
and we check out the runs column
on the sports page
not that this paper's always right
in fact it usually aint right
but this is the paper we use anyway
ya gotta use something ta go by
the team with the most runs at the end a the week
the guy with that team wins the pool
the quarter is for the thirteen run pool
if ya team gets exactly thirteen runs ya win that
that don't happen too often Alfred over there
made thirty bucks last week winning that
so if ya want ta ya can be in that one too
ya see we pick the team from this can every week
so one guy don't get stuck
with the same shitty team the tricky thing is
that the week for the pool
starts on Thursday and for the paper
it starts on Monday so we just carry it over
y'understand this?

"The Company Pool" from Mill Rat by Michael Casey (Adastra Press). © Michael Casey 1996.
Used by permission of the author and of Adastra Press.

©2000-2002 Frigate: The Transverse Review of Books
All rights reserved on behalf of the authors.

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