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*Staff Biographies

For biographies of all contributors to current and past issues, please click here.

Robert Abel is a fiction writer, English teacher and journalist. He has published three novels and three collections of stories and numerous articles in magazines and newspapers. His writing awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship and the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction. Robert Abel's website: To order his most recent novel, Riding the Tiger, click here.

Jan Alexander's first novel, Getting to Lamma, was published by Asia 2000 in Hong Kong. She is now working on a utopia novel.

Steve Brouwer, author of Sharing the Pie(Owl, 1998), lives with his family in Carlisle, PA. He is also the author of Conquest and Capitalism: 1492-1992 and is co-author of Exporting the American Gospel.

Elizabeth Brunazzi lives and writes in Princeton, New Jersey, and Paris, France. She recently edited Culture and Daily Life in Occupied France, a collection of essays on artists, writing, painting, posters, the press, the street, photography, and film during WWII.

San Francisco-based writer and editor Gail Cain is currently showing her two nephews, ages 8 and 10, the wondrous world beyond Pokemon through old movies like "Stagecoach."

Barbara Flug Colin has published articles in various magazines: Arts, New York Art Journal, Art Now, M/E/A/N/I/N/G, Teachers and Writers, New Observations...And in books: The New York Art Review, Making A Difference: Using the Poems of William Carlos Williams as Models. She teaches a poetry-writing program she initiated ten years ago at the Henry Viscardi School on Long Island.

Eric Darton’s books are Free City (Norton, 1996) and Divided We Stand: A Biography of New York's World Trade Center (Basic Books, 2000). He teaches in Goddard College's MFA in Writing program and edits fiction for American Letters & Commentary. More at

Patricia Eakins, author of The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste , a novel, and The Hungry Girls and Other Stories, received the 1996 Aga Khan Prize from The Paris Review and the 1998 NYU Press Prize for Fiction. Her work appears in Transgressions: The Iowa Anthology of Innovative Fiction. More at <>

Miriam Goodman's latest book, Commercial Traveler was published by Garden Street Press in 1996. She has two earlier books with Alice James Books, Signal::Noise (1982) and Permanent Wave (1978).

Sam Hasegawa is a writer, songwriter and musician (alto saxophone, flute, piano). He lives in San Francisco where he is currently putting together a PC-based studio in his home to record song demos.

Book artist Judith Henry has designed for Knopf and H. Abrams, among other publishers. She is the author, most recently, of Overheard at the Museum (forthcoming, Universe, August 2000.) Pages from an earlier work Overheard in New York were recently exhibited in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman (New York City).

Beth Henson is a poet and an editor of Race Traitor, a Journal of the New Abolitionism. She lives in Boston.

Katie Kehrig, an attorney in private civil practice and a visual artist, lives in New York City. In the course of her ongoing research into the relationship between culture and cuisine she has assembled a library of over 200 cookbooks. Once a professional chef, she now cooks exclusively (and exquisitely) for family and friends.

Bronwyn Mills: New Yorker; poet; fiction writer; teacher; dance, theatre, and performance critic; Capoeirista. Bronwyn is working on her PhD in Caribbean & African Diasporic Literature & Performance and writing a fabulist novel, Beastly.

Jeffery Morehouse has boiled pasta in an electric wok. He is an actor, filmmaker, and producer who moonlights in the financial industry in New York City. He also teaches cooking classes to E.S.L. students. Look for his new film, "Stalking Phat Ho."

Anna Cypra Oliver's first book, Assembling My Father, will be published by Houghton Mifflin in Spring 2004. She is the recipient of a 2001 New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship in Nonfiction Literature and Senior Book Editor for the Jewish Heritage Project, NYC.

Françoise Palleau-Papin, who teaches American Literature at the University of Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle), has published articles on Willa Cather, Ellen Glasgow, Katherine Mansfield, John Edgar Wideman, Stephen Wright, Russell Banks and Patricia Eakins.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg's book of poems,Marianne Faithfull's Cigarette(Cleis), garnered a 1998 Lambda Literary Award. She is the editor of Queer Dog: Homo/Pup/Poetry (Cleis), which won the 1999 Firecracker Alternative Book Award. "Predictions" is from her new book of poems, Mr. Bluebird, forthcoming from Painted Leaf Press in Spring 2001.

Dee Shapiro has exhibited her paintings widely since the late seventies, most recently at the Andre Zarre Gallery (her third one-woman show there). The work is included in a number of collections, including those of the Guggenheim Museum (NYC), the Albright-Knox Museum (Buffalo, NY), and New York University. She made a leopard-skin cow for Cow Parade New York 2000.

Julie Tam, a web/graphic designer and illustrator, is the proprietor of WISE Graphic Design <>. She has built and designed web sites for the singer Marina, for BLT Martial Arts, for, and for the Cooper Perskie law firm.

Elaine Terranova is the author of The Cult of the Right Hand (Doubleday, 1991), which won the 1990 Walt Whitman Award of the Academy of American Poets, and Damages (Copper Canyon, 1996). Her translation of "Iphigenia at Aulis" is included in the Euripides III volume of the Penn Greek Drama Series (1998). Her latest book of poems is The Dog's Heart, (Orchises, 2002).

Gay Partington Terry has had fiction in several science-fiction/fantasy publications, most recently in the webzene Outside. She teaches Tai Chi Ch'uan and Qi Gong in NYC, has appraised tribal art for Sotheby's, and has worked with Margaret Mead.

Xu Xi is a writer living between New York and Hong Kong. She is the author of three novels, Hong Kong Rose, Chinese Walls, and The Unwalled City. She has also published two fiction collections, Daughters of Hui and History's Fiction: Stories from the City of Hong Kong. She has been the writer-in-residence at the Kerouac House in Orlando, Florida, and was a featured reader in the recent Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

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